Hashposh - Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Delivery Information (Hashposh Direct)

Currently hashposh.com is support deliveries only inside United Arab Emirates. Deliveries from hashposh direct will reach to the customers within 1-2 Business Day or on the Same Day in Dubai. Deliveries from hashposh direct will reach to the customers within 2-3 Business days to other emirates depend on the carrier. Please allow us the maximum days mentioned in the terms to deliver your product. In case of shipping goods through 3rd party shipping providers, please allow 3-5 business days for a successful delivery. Normally it will reach within the same period mentioned by hashposh.com

Delivery Information (From Sellers)

Delivery Time and Policies from sellers are completely different from Hashposh Direct Deliveries. Hashposh.com cannot guarantee any time frame to the seller shipping products. How ever the mentioned time period is due, you can contact hashposh to check the status or putting your remarks on the shipping. we will support you and we will inform the sellers about your concerns.

Delivery Charges

Please be aware of the included delivery charges in your bill. Sometimes it will be zero as per the products or goods you selected.

Any of the carriers are not supposed to charge any kind of fees as delivery charges from the customer. Whatever the charges mentioned in the invoice is all inclusive of your delivery except international duties & levies. In case of asking any charges more than the invoice amount by hashposh.com, please inform us at the earliest.

In case of returns, Customers are responsible to pay the delivery charges to the courier service.


Wise Notes

Please open the packets as soon as it got delivered to you and report any kind of damages / warranty void issue at the earliest. We are ready to support you and we offer a 7 days return in case of damage/defective units received.

Please fill the return form in case of returns http://www.hashposh.com/index.php?route=account/return/insert